ASMA to host an illuminating School Education Leadership Forum with IB, Boarding and CBSE schools

The session on ‘Integration of Technology in Inter-disciplinary Teaching’ will be held on 28th May


Education is one of the important aspects of life which helps the person to realise their true potential. India is a country where education is given a lot of importance and theory knowledge is emphasized in institutions. But lately, we are undergoing a paradigm shift due to online learning and the New Education Policy (NEP) has forced all of us to re-imagine and reinvent education and introduce new skills in the curriculum.

With time, students are looking for different career avenues and with this realization, the need for technological innovation and inter-disciplinary teaching is at an all-time high. Educators must emphasize the need for non-cognitive skills like emotional intelligence and maturity.

ASMA’s School Education Leadership Forum 2021 on ‘Integration of Technology in Inter-disciplinary Teaching’ on 28th May from 2:00 PM onwards aims to invite leading industry experts from IB, Boarding and CBSE schools to discuss innovative and transformative ways which are inclusive of paradigm and cultural shifts happening in the global world.

The key takeaways of the event will be-

  • The implementation of various technologies in imparting soft skills.
  • Effective Emotional crisis management strategies for students.
  • Emphasis on mental health to raise awareness amongst students.
  • Marketing & Technology education to coach students for better outcomes.

By attending this event you will get to understand and be a part of the new revolution, along with leading industry experts from the education sector, which is coming with advancement in technology and inter-disciplinary teaching in order to cause social innovation.

To register for ASMA’s ‘School Education Leadership Forum: Integration of Technology in Inter-disciplinary Teachingclick here.