CBSE Exam Results will likely be delayed by 10 days


The Board has not yet finished compiling the results of the CBSE Board exams, and it has not yet received assessed answer sheets from all of the Centre’s, thus there may be a delay in the release of the results. The results were initially scheduled to be revealed around July 10, but CBSE insiders warned that there would be a delay. Even though over 31 lakh (Class X and XII) Board test candidates are awaiting their results, particularly the Class XII students applying for admission to different undergraduate programmes, CBSE officials have not yet committed to any dates for the result declaration.

The compilation and verification of the results are still waiting even though the evaluation procedure is practically finished. In the upcoming 10 days, we aim to finish the procedure. We would be prepared to release the results as soon as we are finished, according to a senior CBSE official. Sources claim that the CBSE is currently airlifting the answer papers from states like Assam, which is experiencing severe flooding. “Getting the evaluation done from areas like the northeast, notably Assam where there are floods, has been a problem, and we are employing helicopters to transport the answer sheets. As a result, it’s challenging to provide a timeline at this time because we are dealing with some uncertainty. However, we anticipate finishing the procedure and announcing the results in the next 10 to 15 days,” the official said.