To promote skill-based learning CBSE, YuWaah, and UNICEF join hands


The National Education Policy (NEP) and the CBSE’s current activities relating to skills and employability have been taken into consideration when launching this project.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has partnered with UNICEF and YuWaah to build life skills, provide career counselling, and make volunteering opportunities more accessible and engaging for students.

The organizations will now launch the Passport to Earning (P2E) project for CBSE students through their cooperation, whereby they will be upskilled with essential 21st-century skills matched to the CBSE’s employability skills curriculum. The effort will subsequently be expanded to kids across the nation based on this pilot programme, together with teacher training and capacity building to make it possible.

The National Education Policy (NEP) and CBSE’s current endeavour of the Handbook on 21st Century Skills and Employability Skills coursework have guided the creation of this initiative. Experts want to get away from rote learning and emphasize the value of developing students’ skills.

It also suggests teaching pupils skills beginning in elementary school. One of the programmes the Board supports to work toward this objective is Passport to Earning. In the future, we might look into combining P2E with the Indian government’s Skill Hubs Initiative.