There are Many Emerging Opportunities for Management Schools in India in the Future: Management Education Leaders

ISBR Business School hosted a webinar on ‘New Education Policy: Emerging Opportunities for Management Schools’ on 2nd August 2021


ISBR Business School hosted a webinar on “New Education Policy: Emerging Opportunities for Management Schools” on Monday, August 2, 2021, at 5.00 PM. The event started with a welcome address by Dr Y Lakshman Kumar, Director, ISBR Business School in which he stressed the importance of the New Education Policy and the AIMS role in the field of management in the last three decades.

In his keynote speech Dr Manish Kothari, Managing Director ISBR Group of institutions and a well-known educationist brought out the areas to focus on Management Schools in the coming days. Such as Collaborative Research and strengthening the overall performance of the institution. He also brought out the emerging opportunities in the coming decade for Management Schools his speech, to name few emerging opportunities:

  • The institutions must be multi-disciplinary in their approach
  • Opportunities to optimize the resources
  • The new policy allows partnerships for common academic facilities to share
  • 360 Degree student development which was a long waited

Overall, he mentioned that the policy is like a Mahayajna for the holistic growth of the educational sector in general.

In his industry perspectives, Dr Pallab Bandyopadyay brought out very interesting issues and or opportunities for the Management Schools and student community

  • He said the expected gross enrollment ratio will increase from present 26.5% to 50% by 2030
  • The policy develops students both vertically and horizontally with multi-skills which the industry was expecting from every management graduate.
  • Management schools have an opportunity to develop their own curriculum taking into industry partners achieve the goal of skills development
  • The new policy is a game-changer from contextual learning to competency development

Dr C. Manohar Sr. Director ISBR Business School and also the Chairman of AIMS, Karnataka and Kerala Chapter is of the opinion that:

  • Management schools must come together to achieve the goals of the policy
  • How AIMS helps Management Schools to strengthen themselves as a Largest Management Professional Body at the national level
  • He also highlighted that events like this, enable management schools to grow hand in hand with the industry practitioners
  • He mentioned that AIMS is also organizing such events in the fourth coming AIMS Annual Management Convention.

The overall outcome of the event is that there are manifold emerging opportunities for Management Schools in the country in the days to come. The event was concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr BS Patil, Dean and Registrar, ISBR Business School wherein he mentioned it is a win-win situation for both Management Schools and the student community along with certain challenges.