International Day Of Education 2022: Things you need to know about


International Day of Education is held each year on January 24 to praise and celebrate education’s role for harmony and improvement. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the day as International Day of Education on January 24, 2018.

As the globe celebrates the fourth International Day of Education under the topic “Shifting Direction, Transforming Education”.

“The current year’s International Day of Education will be a stage to grandstand the main changes that must be supported to understand everybody’s essential right to training and fabricate more economical, comprehensive and tranquil prospects. It will produce banter around how to fortify education as a public undertaking and normal great, how to guide the advanced change, support instructors, defend the planet and open the potential in each individual to add to aggregate prosperity and our common home,” a UNESCO explanation peruses.

“In these remarkable occasions, the same old thing is at this point, not a choice. Assuming we are to change the future, in the event that we are to shift direction, we should reexamine schooling. This implies producing another common agreement for training, as called for by the UNESCO report on the Futures of Education, delivered last November. We really want to fix past shameful acts and situate the advanced change around consideration and value. Furthermore, we want instruction to completely add to a supportable turn of events – for example, by coordinating natural schooling in all educational plans and via preparing instructors in this field, Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director General, said on the event of International Day of Education 2021.