Why is game-based learning the future of education?


Learning today is not limited to pen and paper or blackboard and chalk. In today’s fast paced world, hybrid learning has taken the traditional classrooms. Certainly there is no doubt that the hybrid learning process has sparked a transformation series that will flourish even after the pandemic. The concept of the classroom is just no longer limited to 4 corners or 4 walls. Students are now learning by making the utmost use of Technologies and developing innovative techniques for monitoring and managing their self study.

How teachers can readily adopt the concept of hybrid learning

One of the most difficult tasks that has emerged in the lives of teachers during the pandemic was keeping students engaged in a hybrid classroom setup. Teachers are working diligently to adopt this pedagogy and fit into the digital landscape but sometimes the results are not as expected:

Teachers can adopt the following engagement techniques for hybrid classroom spaces in order to grab students attention and make them focus on the learning process:

  • Knowledge sessions can be prepared on a regular basis with the the constant upgrades of technological advancement
  • Lesson activities can be developed that can engage both remote and onsite students.
  • Ed-tech players can also form teaching communities that can be utilized as a common knowledge sharing platform for hybrid methods.

Game-based learning is the future

It is quite evident that the game-based learning methods boost the student engagement by encouraging an active learning process and lowering the stress level. Students, thus have the opportunity to learn at their own pace by utilizing different technologies that get introduced into the curriculum. An important trend that was observed recently was that the ed-tech companies were significantly partnered with the Abstract forms for providing easy access to different game-based learning methods.

This has actually helped students from different low income family groups to help their children in the learning process. Educators are also continuing to strengthen their technical abilities in order to provide and impart better education to the students. Although blended learning is the new normal, it will continue to evolve in the coming days. In future, it will strike the right balance between teacher let guidance and online instruction.