Introduction to ASMA


ASMA is a comprehensive research that highlights the current status of adoption of social media in academia.It is in its third year and the insights developed in our previous reports are now public and check for yourself where you stand among your peers.
With robust social media strategy and use of social media for various purposes like academics, admissions, alumni relationships, industry placements, promotion and branding an academic institute will be able to position itself well in the industry.
ASMA also provides a framework that is designed based on extensive working knowledge gained through research on adoption of social media by academia by taking a survey of B-schools in India.
We had very good response and appreciation for hard academic work that has gone into for producing these research reports.Recent Innovation award from HEF(Higher Education Forum) specifically for ASMA 2015 report stands as a testimonial to this. ASMA also garnered the recognition from the EPSI(Educational Promotional Society of India)
With this continued support and participation from B-schools of India,we are all geared up for ASMA 2016.

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