Jain University, Bangalore: Stay Healthy, Stay Fit


A healthy body keeps a healthy mind, and indeed it’s true. But nowadays in such a highly competitive environment, where work pressure head overs one’s mind, keeping the work-life balance is very difficult. Meditation, Yoga, and Pranayam are the most vital way to keep your fit, takes less time and space to perform. There is no particular age cap to do meditation and Yoga, in consideration, it should be practiced by students to keep them fit and healthy.

Jain university campaign also focused on the importance of performing Yoga in the day to day life, they have launched a “FitnessChallenge”, in support of “Hum Fit Toh India Fit” campaign for the promotion of Yoga and Meditation across academic institutes.

  • To promote a health awareness campaign to stay healthy stay fit.
  • To promote fitness challenge in support of National Campaign “Hum Fit Toh Indian Fit”.
  • To increase brand awareness among the audience.
 Strategic Approach:

Run the campaign to highlight the importance of healthy body, Yoga and Pranayam for a healthy mind.

  • Created a fitness challenge task to the audience, Faculties, Students, and others.
  • Ask them to share short videos of Fitness training, Yoga, Pranayam performed at the campus or gym or any other places.
  • Short Videos testimonial of director and top management, telling the importance of Yoga in their day to day life.

Hashtags: #FitnessChallenge

Target Audience:

Promotion the fitness challenge campaign to the relevant stakeholders

  • Academician (Faculty, professors etc.)
  • Students

Social Media Platform Used: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube


It is very well said that a healthy body keeps a healthy mind and indeed in this highly stressful environment, one needs to stay healthy and fit. With the limited time and long working hour it’s not possible to go to the gym for a workout. The Jain University fitness challenge highlighted the issues of stressful environment and how Yoga or Pranayam can help us to stay fit and healthy.

The 30 mints exercise at home, campus or park is very fruitful for an individual to stay calm and managing personality. The approach was to share the yoga experience of faculties, students and top-level management, and how these exercise can bring positive impact on them in terms of body, mind, personality.

Unique Digital Proposition
  • Art of Fitness Stories

Faculties and students were asked to share short video stories, where they performing yoga or pranayama in campus, home, park etc.

  • Post related to the promotion of health and fitness outside the campus.
  • Post related to inculcating human values and mind management.
  • Post related to advises by seniors to stay healthy and fit.


  • Social Media wave


The campaign run with hashtag #FitnessChallenge, twitter posts have been flooded with fitness videos of top level management. Each post on twitter has the cross promotion link on YouTube to know  more about the Yoga and Pranayam.

“Tweets with videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than tweets with photos”

HootSuite, 2018

Students involvement in the fitness challenge, the exercises have been performed in the campus, celebrating the joy of performing Yoga and supporting “Hum Fit Toh India Fit” challenge.


Facebook posts have been unique in nature, apart form regular theme to perform Yoga at campus and park, the faculties have gone way beyond conveying the sports as a part of Fitness.

  • Fitness Testimonial of eminent personality have been shared on Facebook.
  • Director Fitness promotion videos on Facebook, that led to high engagement rate via likes, shares and comments.

“53% of Institutes consider sharing the video on Facebook make more impact in engaging with students”

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