University of Leeds: Unleash the Power of Social Media #ToBeLeeds



Video marketing is a new buzz in the digital market, but actually, penetration started long back with the advent of satellite TV and ads used to feature over it. In today’s era of digital disruption, the video market has taken a new shape on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram etc. Institute and University have also accepted and adopted the notion of video marketing for brand building, engaging students, alumni networking, placement drives, Course details, Student life, Chairman’s leadership, and Vision etc. Leeds University has a progressive thought to visualize the importance of international student admissions across the world.  

According to research, by 2019, global video traffic is expected to account for 80% of all web traffic. According to ASMA, 86% of students consider YouTube the most popular social media platform for Higher Education.



The objective behind the videos is to drive up Students’ enrolment at national as well as international level. It not only glorifies the Institute’s brand but also provides hands-on experience to students about life at student’s life at Leeds University. The music, and picturization of the series of video “Student Life at Leeds” not only exhibits the stories of existing students and potential students but also gives exposure to other students who visualize themselves being a part of Leeds University.


Strategic Approach

Leeds University initiated the campaign #ToBeLeeds and capitalized on social media like YouTube. The idea is to create a video, not an obvious promotional video but to have a unique idea to share & engage the audience. Understanding the need for content, using intensive graphics to breaking new grounds were among the best strategies.

  1. Share Story at University Festival

  • It all started with sharing the experience to be a part of Leeds and these collections of experience in short videos were shown in the University Festival at Video Booth.
  • Asked Students, Staffs, Faculties to share “What makes them proud to work at the University of Leeds?” and then given 15 seconds to respond to the camera.
  • Send the video clip by email, and students, faculties, staffs can share it on their Facebook or Twitter feeds.
  • Some clips were chosen to be shared via the University social media platforms as part of the #ToBeLeeds campaign.
  1. Social Media Buzz

It is important to choose the right social media platforms and post timing to get high engagement rate and build an interesting track. Leeds also contented on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

  • YouTube

For the beginning of the campaign, they have started with creative storytelling video on YouTube about “What it means #ToBeLeeds”. A Self-Promoting video featuring different aspects of University of Leeds student’s life.

74% of Institutes consider YouTube the most popular way to connect to with students. 53% of Institutes find YouTube best social media platform for Building Brand.

5th ASMA India Trends Study 2018 

This video showcases the importance of to be a part of Leeds University and answer the question, Why Leeds University?. Kari Medalla is an International student studying in Leeds and how she has explored the unique chance to develop her personality via projects, experiences that gained while studying in Leeds. 


  • Instagram

Students have shared their first experience to be a part of Leeds University, share what they have learned out of the well-established culture of Leeds.

51% Institutes use Instagram to increase access and reach”

5th ASMA India Trends Study 2018 


  • Twitter

They have shared the video “What it means #ToBeLeeds”, promoting audience to know what does exactly it mean. The video got so popular that they have increased their number of international admissions. 

76% Institute found Twitter the most popular social media platform and 43% Institutes use Twitter to engage influences and detractor”

5th ASMA India Trends Study 2018 

The video is a unique blend of cultural diversity, financial support, entrepreneurship, alumni branding, faculty testimonial, dreams, career, and research in one shoot. It tells the audience, what all you get when you will be the part of this university and how this university gives you an opportunity to live to Leeds.

Video Marketing Strategy for Higher Education 

Best Practices

  • Short Video:

It is always recommended that video should not be lengthy, else the audience loses interest. The best way to keep the engagement rate high is to make short but compelling videos.

  • Upload Video at the Right Time:

The objective of digital marketing is to reach to audience and audience consumes the contents. It is possible only when contents are being shared at right time. It is important for the institute to upload engage students during weekends mostly, they are more active on YouTube and Facebook during weekends.

  • Frequency:

The audience loses interest once the continuation of content is broken. So, to keep the audience to be active on your portal or digital platforms, such new contents are being prepared and shared among the audience. Best practices suggest having a frequency of 1-2 videos in a week.

  • Content:

What we show to the audience and what they look for are two different questions. The content strategy should address both these questions.. Institutes should focus on what are the best things they have, objectives behind it and what can be shown to students.