Mayra B School, Maysur: Shaping Your Future

  • To promote student-corporate relationships.
  • Build a strong corporate relationship and reach out to potential recruiters.
  • To develop motivation and provide career solution guidance to students.
Strategic Approach:

The campaign run to promote and build corporate relationships, engaging with top management of corporate, to give career counseling to students.

  • Conduct corporate consulting session by Deloitte Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  • Social Media buzz (session speaker post) to increase the number of participants.
  • Collection of corporate testimonials about consulting business opportunities.
  • Update regarding the success of the events on social media.

Target Audience

Socializing the campaign to the relevant stakeholder

  • Students
  • Recruiters

Hashtags: #CXO_Power

Social Media Platform Used: Twitter and Facebook


Choosing the right career choice is always a difficult question to answer. Students are always in a way to seek advice from experts. The consulting campaign has been started by Myra to help students and build strong corporate relations with Deloitte.

It not only Promoted and increased the Institute’s brand value but also imparted knowledge about opportunities in the career of consulting. The career counseling session has been conducted by Deloitte. Each event had pre-campaign and post-campaign. Social media buzz has been created to increase overall participation. Information influx from relevant industry leads for poster and content creation.

 Unique Digital Proposition
  • Pre-Campaign

Created a social media buzz about the consulting campaign over Twitter and Facebook, poster & banner have been shared over social media.

  • Introduced Top consultant from Deloitte on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Described the industry experience of the speaker, share it on Social Media.
  • Round table career counseling session for Students, the buzz on Facebook.

  • Post-Campaign: Social Media handling


Twitter posts were shared to launch the event, engaging the audience by highlighting the speaker coming for the session, and the topic on which they have spoken on and shared their views about it.

  • Increase the engagement of students on career counseling session.
  • Tweet important quotes, liners elaborated by the speaker. Create an engaging question and attract more tweets.
  • Top Management to provide career counseling to students, share it on twitter.
  • The vote of Thanks Post on Twitter highlighting the importance of the speech and requesting to follow the Social media pages of MyraBSchool for supporting further activities and knowledge resources.
  • Group picture to highlight the success of the events and level of participation.


Facebook posts were flooded with counseling session, presentation and student participation in the event.

  • Increase the engagement of the audience by posting about the event and invoking queries about the topic.
  • Post related to the crux of the topic, learnings out of the session.
  • Post related to the glimpse of the consulting opportunities in India
  • Video testimonial has been shared over Facebook Live to engage the audience.