Perks Of Using Facebook To Advertise Your Institiute


Facebook has become such an indispensable part of our day to day lives, we are never logging out of it, people are either addicted to using it be it for liking, posting, sharing or commenting. Use of social media in promotional and marketing activity has now become everyday soup and why shouldn’t it not be, it’s the most affordable way to reach many in less time. This same social media marketing tool is what now gaining its popularity among various colleges and universities. Out of all Facebook is being the favourite tool for achieving the required goal.And according to Bloomberg survey report, Facebook has become the second best medium to Following are some of the best ways one can use to exploit Facebook for the promotional activities and reaching out the future students.

It may sound very trivial to you but a very important step is to build your social presence on Facebook. Create a page of your college or university and make it attractive. Attractive by having interesting content may be some pictures, virtual or videos will help. University like Symbiosis are doing so by having interesting videos like the manqué challenge videos by SIMB, Pune students. Thus, this creates interests among the new candidates to follow the Facebook Page.

Facebook has over the years grown itself into being an integral part of our lives, it is something very important and for a few very much required, people might forget reading the newspaper but they don’t forget checking into a new place, chatting with friends or getting to know about the day to day worldly affairs through Facebook even if it is related to the current affairs.

The institutes must tap thus very aspect of Facebook and talk about themselves, through posting pictures of the various events that take place in its institutes, to talking about the annual result of the students, to sharing about the success stories of the alumni’s. Oto talking about the campus life to what not, all the aspects which an institute wants its target audience in the shape of students to know can be achieved through Facebook, it has become a bible for students and in fact for people of all age groups coming from different walks of life.

For an institute in today’s date the market has become very fierce, every institute has a good set of faculties, the campuses are beautiful, the books and libraries are world class, but can only newspaper articles and pamphlets be enough to reach out to the target audiences? The answer is no! To talk about each aspect one has to make sure that a medium low in cost, more on out pout and delivery of required amount of buzz can be achieved and for this Facebook seems to be not just a good option but the most obvious one.

Facebook thus tends to be a very important social media platform since it has all the quintessential things which are required and can thus be of a huge help and significance for any institute for their social media presence and can overall be of huge help in the sphere of creating a buzz and making the target audience aware about it.