Various Ways In Which Institutes Can Use Twitter As A Marketing Tool


In today’s date when technology is moving at a pace faster than lightning, it is indispensable for any kind of setup to not be a part of this huge yet significant race. We are blessed to be in an age where there is a plethora of options for us in the shape of the “new age” marketing tools, namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more.


Making sure that the real motive, identity as well as the voice of the company is branded well so that people can easily relate to it. The brief in the bio should be precise yet impactful, which tells people about the very base and concept of the institute’s landing page or website. The most important feature should be the consistent tone for people to completely understand about what the institute does and how and what is it real aim.


When it comes to twitter, it is very important that the target customers are first aimed at and then handled into, be it through various key words from the field of academia or by crating trends through them.

Making a list of the target audience and following them up would be the most crucial step as through steps the people on the other end of the table feel as if they being given special attention and at the same time will respond and thus a never-ending interaction can see the first light.

Engaging these people daily should be the main aim of institutes in which they must make sure that they are casual then more promotional. It’s very important to build relationships first and then proceed with opportunities to come together and collaborate.


To come across as a healthy as well as consistent profile one needs to be active on twitter by tweeting regularly, this is a step which would ultimately lead to being constantly on the minds of your followers. This step is very crucial as in today’s date when everyone is on these social media platforms its only through constant posts and quality tweets that one can get an edge over others.


By making sure that all the trending topics are being followed the institutes can use them to like the followers to their own brand in some way or the other so that people can get engaged.


Twitter analytics give us a brief about how exactly our users want us to be, what kind of posts indicates their attention along with the fact that when would be the best time for an institute to tweet, retweet or favourite a post.