S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai: Bravo and Humility for “ImSPJIMR”


Being in dusk and undercut with the audience won’t be the right advice in today digital era. The Massive digital transformation has given the opportunity to academic institutions to convey the best about the institute, showcase their values, culture, learnings, and opportunities to grow.

  • To promote institute’s unique academic culture.
  • To promote student’s diversity and best of being a part of SPJIMR.
  • Highlighting the key concepts taught in various subjects.
  • Promoting the various clubs, events, and activities at SPJIMR.
 Strategic Approach:

Run the campaign to highlight the academic culture and learnings at SPJIMR, and including,

  • Collect testimonials from Faculty and post in social media.
  • Video Promotion of Institute on Twitter and Facebook
  • Post related to events, fest, ceremony and faculty’s adventure on social media

 Hashtags: #IamSPJIMR

Social Media Platform Used: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Target Audience:

Socializing the #IamSPJIMR to the relevant stakeholders

  • MBA Aspirants
  • Recruiter

The Objective of the campaign was to establish a unique identity of the institute, a place where students learn to have a dream, build the courage to live for the dream, build own path to achieve that dream. The strategic approach was crystal clear with very vibrant execution of compelling videos over social media handlings, not only this the adventures and self-motivated posts were shared over social media to appraise what is the best is a part of SPJIMR.

40% of college students prefer video content to know about Institute”

(ASMA India Trends Study 2018)


Unique Digital Proposition
  • Content buzz

They have started with creating a unique hashtag that itself has an identity, a proud factor. They have leveraged the brand identity in creating the post related to faculty experience, student testimonial, events and other ceremonies

  • Social Media Buzz


Posts on twitter handlings are somehow a unique stating the innovative learning mechanism of SPJIMR makes it different among other B schools.

  • Faculty testimonial short videos for academic learnings.
  • Cross-linking the post to Institute’s website.


Facebook post is full of content, rolling out the storyline about learnings at SPJIMR and why we call it #IamSPJIMR.

  • Campus promotional short video in form of storytelling
  • Reasons to support the #IamSPJIRM, describing the best reasons for joining and be a part of SPJIMR
  • Creating a unique identity of SPJIMR in terms of student diversity and internship projects


Student testimonial relevant to opted course and journey so far in terms of learnings and working on live projects. The roller coaster journey to explore the world as much as one can.

Learning beyond classroom session, non-academic learnings for personality development, development of corporate citizenship (DOCC), Abhudaya which is a science of spirituality and all. Faculty testimonial talking about the different aspect of learning brings more compelling views over the video.