IN CONVERSATION: Students & Parents Are Using Social Media For Information Gathering


ASMA: Do you think social media is changing the way academia operated earlier?

Dr. Rajiv Chopra: Yes, to some extent.

ASMA: What is the level of impact social media has created in this field?

Dr. Rajiv Chopra: As you see, with social media we come to know about its impact and importance in the market. We come to know about what particular course, for eg: what kind of people go in marketing, and then we can design the courses accordingly. As a government college, we don’t have that freedom, while in private colleges, they develop the curriculum according to the demands of the market.

ASMA: What are the different facets where your organization uses social media?

Dr. Rajiv Chopra: In our college we use Facebook, WhatsApp through which we communicate with our students and also come to know about its various features.

ASMA: What kind of pedagogical improvements social media has caused in your organization?

Dr. Rajiv Chopra: From this year, we’ll have a new session and we’ll keep many things in our consideration. For example: In social media, we come to know about the various courses on personal development. We take into consideration the aspiration of the students and take the required measures accordingly in alliance with Delhi University rules.

ASMA: What are the different modes in which the teaching-learning processes are used via social media in your institute, if there are any?

Dr. Rajiv Chopra: We don’t have anything to offer with social media. Our teachers believe in class room teaching methods only but at times, student- teacher do interact on internet also and on mail. They send their fan mails to the teachers too at times. (sic)

ASMA: What are the domains where social media is playing a crucial role in the success of your organization like admissions, placement, alumni, teaching-learning etc?

Dr. Rajiv Chopra: Through social media, we come to know about many things, for example, at the time of admission, through Facebook, we give information to outsiders and parents. Let me tell you one thing that students are the stakeholders in any organization. At the time of admission, there is hardly any interaction with the parents, it only happens during the admission. We try to do the best that we can for parents and other bodies.

ASMA: What are your views on traditional marketing initiatives VS social media marketing initiatives in an organization?

Dr. Rajiv Chopra: When you talk about social media partly, then you talk about the latest developments that are taking place in the society. When you talk about the latest developments when it is technology, we need to be focused and incorporate all the things that are possible if projected/permitted.

ASMA: What will be your suggestions for other academic institutes for adopting social media tools?

Dr. Rajiv Chopra: Everything has its pros and cons, so if we can use social media effectively then it’s a good for all the society.