Technology Will Change The Whole Thing And Our Students Will Be Prepared: Dr. Ranendra N. Saha


Recently, ASMA conducted a leadership forum on “Future Of Job On Next Decade”. The event was a successful one and was attended by eminent speakers including Dr. Ranendra N. Saha, who is the Ex Vice-Chancellor, BITS Pilani; Ex-Director, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus

He initiates the discussion by saying that people can discuss what is going to happen in liability within six years, because after one year, things will be drastically changed. Therefore, we should discuss is how to prepare the students.

He adds that the whole employability is going to be based on technology. More and more game-changing technology is invading our life.

Dr. Saha now cites an example from the medical domain. He says, if you go 20 years back, medical science students are people who thought computers were not for them. Mathematics is not for them. But today you can see how they’ve changed. A medical doctor is fully aware of the digital system, our computer, artificial intelligence, everything. It is clear that employment will mostly be technology based.

Technology will change the whole thing and our students will be prepared.

He adds that it does not mean that the basics have changed. No basics have to be taught. So how in four years I teach so many things. Dr. Saha says that his way of teaching students is how to learn how to unlock and relax. He thinks if that is given to the students, they will themselves make useful, as the leaders in the future job market.

So what is the important prospect for better employability is that giving the knowledge to learn, not pushing the knowledge in semi statistics classes, etc. He questions the rest of the panels that are making students think? Are we making students innovate?

Dr. Saha also says that he created an innovation lab where the students were given the opportunity to 24 into seven independent. No teacher was required there. Then he created a competition bringing the industry people to see the students’ innovation, mentoring them so that they can start the company.

As per Dr. Saha’s thoughts it is an important thing to change the students’ mindset. Even if you value students who should know the use of detail, their employability will change. Artificial intelligence is taking an important role here though.

He believes that being digitally active will help the students to get the employability enhanced. Innovation and incubation can help more placement. In this way, students should be guided for their future jobs.