BIMTECH, Greater Noida: Digital Disruption for Corporate Exposure – ASMA


An institute strategic framework built on the principles of digital disruption can provide a smooth roadmap for executing and sustaining successful corporate engagement efforts. Social media is a very helpful platform to build corporate relations.

65% of recruiters consider social media presence of institute for campus hiring”.

ASMA India Trends Study 2018

It is vital for the institute to be present on the social media platform and also capitalize these disruptions for students branding.  The concept like social scoring and social profiling are hitting higher education recruitment in nutshell.



  • To build a strong brand image of the Institute to bring high corporate exposure for students.
  • Promoting the student testimonial related to the summer internship experience.
  • Highlighting the importance of applicability of classroom learning into corporate projects.

Strategic Approach

Run a campaign highlighting the student diversity, quality of internship projects and their learnings exposure.

  • Collect testimonials from students and post in social media.
  • Share and promote students’ learnings & experiences during Summer Internships.

 Hashtags: #InterneesSpeak

Target Audience: Promotion of campaign #interneesspeak to the relevant stakeholders

  • Prospective candidates
  • Recruiters

Social Media Platform Used: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


The hashtags #Interneespeaks aims to share students experience during SIP and how successfully they have been able to contribute to the organization. It gives a strong impression among recruiter about the quality of students and their integrated learnings at the esteemed organization. This builds a strong brand image of the Institute to bring high corporate exposure for students.

Unique Digital Proposition

  • Experience the corporate

The unique approach has been deployed to create a social media buzz or posting about the experience gained by the students.

  • Introduced students to summer internship projects with top companies
  • Highlights the learnings and exposure gained at the top brand in India.


  • Social Media Buzz


With more than 2 lakhs likes over the official page of BIMTECH, leveraging Facebook as a platform to highlight the student’s summer internship projects is in synch with what was the objective of the campaign.

  • Posts have been shared just after completion of internship projects.
  • All of the posts have a similar theme of the presentation, that’s makes the identification of post easy for the audience.


Twitter is a great platform to engage with students and corporates alike. It’s one of the few platforms that is used by a wide audience across the demographic. And now that the character limit has been bumped up, It gives us all the more reason to not miss out.

  • It can be utilized very effectively for the promotion of scholarships, internships, new courses etc.


Instagram is the ideal platform to reach students. Everyone’s on Instagram! Good, engaging content can take your brand a long way on Instagram if done right. The various features like stories, polls, product pricing etc. can be used to their maximum potential in order to engage with your target audience.