Institute of Finance and International Management, Bangalore: Build the Future With 4.0


Change is the only thing constant in the world, and in this highly fragmented era where technologies are changing in every second. An industry aligned curriculum is must to cop up with these technologies and solving future challenges. It will help Institution to bridge the gap between industry’s requirement and student’s employability. According to research, only 20% of graduates in India are employable. In such a catastrophic scenario, bringing the change for the development of higher education makes a differentiate remarks on overall academic thinking.


  • To promote IFIM-NHRDN survey.
  • To increase industry participation to build curricula 4.0 for the future

 Strategic Approach

Run campaigns highlighting the importance of curriculum industry 4.0, how important is one’s suggestion for building future professionals

  • Share the Survey with a link over social media platforms.
  • Created a social media buzz about curriculum 4.0/
  • Give a certificate for curating the curriculum 4.0.

Hashtags: #CurriculaForTheFuture

Target Audience:

Promotion the curriculum 4.0 to the relevant stakeholders

  • Industry Experts
  • Academic Professionals

Social Media Platform Used: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter


The strategic approach was clear with objective to promote IFIM-NHRDN survey, increase industry participation to build curricula 4.0 for the future. The approach was straight and simple to reach out audience over LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, provide certification for curating the curriculum 4.0. This unique initiative was aim to bring the best of pedagogical development in higher education.

“29% of Institute use social media for curriculum development”

ASMA India Trends Study 2018

Unique Digital Proposition

  • Pre-Survey launch

The buzz has been created for increasing the number of participants for curriculum 4.0, they leverage the brand association of NHRDN to enhance the level of engagement. They IFIM and NHRDN come together to create future-ready professionals with Business Education Curricula 4.0.

  • Invited the industry expertise to contribute towards the building curriculum.
  • Certification for curating and contributing the survey


  • Post Survey

A highlighting post related to the success of survey and thank you note for participants in the survey. This overall contributed to increasing the reach over social media platforms.

  • Social Media Buzz


Twitter post is full of creating the buzz around the industry regarding curriculum 4.0, that initiative was unique in itself.

  • The post regarding the curriculum 4.0 and reason why this post.
  • Cross-Linking of survey link to easy access for audience
  • Clearly defined Target Audience that is industry experts.
  • Certification post was shared to accelerate the participants.



The survey got a huge response in terms of industry expert participation. The contents were being shared over LinkedIn to reach professionals.

  • The active participation and sharing the content by participants accelerated the overall engagement level.