Use Social Media tools for creating collaboration and engagement


ASMA – A one of its kind study in India that explains how social media can be utilized by the educational organizations for purposes like branding effectively.

Social media presence of a brand has become the norm these days and this trend has been observed gradually in academia as well. However, it appears that the educational organizations are one of the last few to grasp this pattern. The scholarly world can take advantage of this development since, its intended interest group is stable and the targets like the undergraduate and graduate students are always hyperactive on all the Social Media platforms.

This intended interest group of academia comprises of the most potential clients of social media platforms and it bodes well for the educational organizations to be available for social networking.

Nowadays individuals are more concerned about the cultural environment of universities, they wish to connect with the alumni and aim to have a rich learning experience during their studies. This prompts the educational institutes to promote their campus culture, alumni database and learning advancements through the social medium. The institutes failing to do so are losing their esteemed image in the online space.

The ASMA framework helps institutes to assess their presence on social media and gives a system of best practices.

This year, ASMA will come out with the third edition of its survey with a confidence to sensitize educational organizations on the importance of the Social Media strategy and its benefits.

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