Adopt Social Media, Drive Collaborations and Engagement.


Hello All,
We are writing this to share an exclusive initiative with you all, something that has so far been only pondered upon.
We are working on an interesting idea that involves the usage of social media in academia enhancing its advantage in every aspect. Such as, admissions, brand awareness, student-professor relation building, enriching the learning experience of a student and placements and much more.
To explain the vast potential of social media in academia, we have been doing research in this for three years and have generated insightful reports under the moniker ASMA. The testimonial to which is that ASMA 2015 report garnered appreciation and award from HEF (Higher education forum ) and was also recognised by EPSI (Educational Promotional Society of India).
The changes happening around in academia is evident by the fact that institutes are now optimising their websites to make it more informational. Without pointing out the names, we can suggest that some of them have also included professor’s intro videos. Academic websites are going for SEO optimisation and striving hard to make their presence on social media keeping priority for prospective, current students as well as alumni.
Hence, we are looking forward to your insights/suggestions/feedback on the subject.
Please participate in this survey to make this initiative a great success and you can avail free copy of upcoming ASMA 2016 report and as well as an option to choose one from these -SEO audit, Website audit, Social Media audit.
The survey is to draw insights and publish it, to make the stakeholders of academia realise how important is the know-how of the digital space and how can they leverage it.
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