Pune Institute of Business Management, Pune: Make the Right Choice


The horizon of corporate relations has been expanded to the next level in the last few years. The digital disruption in higher education changed the recruitment perspective in the country.

The corporate relation cell of an Institute relies more on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with potential recruiters for summer internships, projects, and final placement, inviting them for mentor or leadership session and intact with students. It not only serves the purposes of corporate to search for right talent but institution get long term placement exposure.


  • Creating a brand image for PIBM Pune.
  • Connecting to the potential recruiter and building long term corporate for placement and summer internships.
  • Promoting student events and activities at the campus.
  • To update and engage students about current management topics and economics.

Strategic Approach

Run the campaign to highlights the corporate events, speaker sessions on different themes and areas, students’ testimonials, etc.

  • Conduct corporate speaker session on a different sector, inviting speakers from diversified working areas.
  • Collect testimonials from students and post in social media.
  • Created social media buzz about the events and sessions, inclusive of pre-& post launch strategy.
  • Social Media post regarding articles and mentoring advice for students by corporate.

Target Audience

Socializing the events and sessions for promoting brands and connecting to the relevant stakeholders

  • Prospective candidates
  • Recruiters
  • Evangelizers

Hashtags: #MasterWithPIBM

Social Media Platform Used: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


Corporate relationship building is not a daily task but a long-term process drive through nurturing the top management of companies, inviting them in events, sessions, and other knowledge sharing program. Digital Media has made it easier and more sustainable for Institution to connect with corporate for placement, summer internship etc. PIBM with the hashtag #MasterwithPIBM, leverage the power of social media to connect and engage the potential recruiters.

Unique Digital Proposition

  • Content Promotion

Created a social media buzz about events, pre and post-launch posts, students’ testimonial to talk about their internship experience and more.

  • Share the post about industry mentor sessions and events on social media through posters and tweets.
  • Students testimonial about their experience at PIBM like SIP, Placements, Learnings etc.
  • Cross promotion of blogs and articles about corporate exposures.


  • Social Media Buzz


Created a social media buzz over Twitter to promote institution brand image, sharing the content related to event promotion, speaker session, articles and blogs post about corporate exposure.

  • Twitter post related to events launch, speaker introduction, and leadership talks.
  • Increase the engagement of the audience s by tweeting about the event and invoking queries about the topic.
  • Tweet important quotes, liners elaborated by the speaker.
  • Create an engaging question and attract more tweets.

“Tweets with images receive 18% more click, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets”

(Brandwatch, 2018)



Posts on Facebook were related to event launch, SIP experience of students and more related to the success of the events.

  • Students testimonial about the summer internship program
  • Cross promotion of the post over twitter and Instagram


LinkedIn is considered to be a professional platform, PIBM has followed the proper strategies to connect with the potential recruiter and increasing brand awareness.

  • The hashtag is regularly used to update all relevant details regarding the general market trends as well as PIBM.
  • The hashtag is even used to share candid behind the scenes of PIBM Placements team with corporates


“61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions”

(LinkedIn, 2018)


Instagram has been chosen to reach potential aspirants as Instagram is mostly used by millenniums, posting about the success of the event brings a lot of attention from students and aspirants.

  • Shared post to highlight the honors and awards received by students.
  • Highlighted the importance of current market scenarios and scope of the particular domain in the future, led by industry experts.