Vivekanand Institute of Management, Mumbai: Create Leaders for Tomorrow


Academic institutions and universities try to build relationships with corporates and industries for accomplishing the variety of objectives. These objectives may include supporting employment for graduates, building a strong way for incubators, sharing expert knowledge and contribute to economic development by working in a systematic manner.

The series of corporate talks and session for students not only build a strong relationship between Institute and Recruiter but also helpful for the student to learn more about the practical integrity of corporate working.


  • Creating a brand awareness about Vivekanand Institute.
  • Promoting student learnings and activities on campus.
  • Build a strong corporate relationship and reach out to potential recruiters.

Strategic Approach:

The campaign run to promote and build corporate relationships, engaging with eminent personalities of academia.

  • Conduct leadership speaker and knowledge sharing session by top-level management of corporate, academician.
  • Social Media buzz (session speaker post) to increase the number of participants.
  • Students review the session and share it on social media.
  • Update regarding the success of the events on social media.

Target Audience

Socializing the campaign to the relevant stakeholder

  • Prospective candidates
  • Recruiters
  • Academician

Hashtags: #VBxTalks #Leadershipseries

Social Media Platform Used: Twitter and Facebook


To Promote and increase Institute’s brand value by organizing various industry connect series like Leader Speaker Session, and VBxTalks, the replication of TEDx and Contemporary Issues in Management, attended by eminent Industry stalwarts and academician.

Each event had pre-campaign and post-campaign. The social media buzz has been created to increase overall participation. Information influx from relevant industry leads for poster and content creation.

 Unique Digital Proposition

  • Pre-Campaign

Created a social media buzz about the theme of the event by posting teasers and inviting the audience to engage with the post.

  • Introduced Industry Speaker to the social media by posters and Facebook post
  • Described the industry experience of the speaker, such that people from diverse sectors are targeted for the event.

  • Post Campaign: Social Media handlings


Twitter posts were shared as inputs for the audience, engaging them by highlighting the guest speaker felicitation and topic on which they have spoken on and shared their views about it.

  • Increase the engagement of the class by tweeting about the event and invoking queries about the topic.
  • Tweet important quotes, liners elaborated by the speaker. Create an engaging question and attract more tweets.
  • Top level and senior level management from corporate to handle the sessions.

“81% of Institute consider LinkedIn to build the corporate relationship and 51% of Institutes consider twitter to promote corporate events”

ASMA India Trends Study 2018

  • Speaker post about appreciation and thank you note for inviting for such a successful session (Retweet on the post)


Facebook posts were mostly covered with speaker introduction to creating buzz about the event.

  • Students review short videos has been shared on Facebook.
  • Cross Promotion of post on YouTube.
  • Speaker Introduction posts on Facebook, highlighting the vast experience and industry positioning and share it on Twitter.


YouTube videos in form of student testimonial about the speaker and learnings they have got through that particular sessions have been uploaded.

  • To give students an exposure to the corporate world today through the sharing of experiences by experts.
  • To helps students mold themselves into future leaders.